USIFU JALLOH offers much more than stories.

He transforms a storytelling session into a cultural interchange experience. He ​​tells ​a number of stories within the context of an imaginary journey to the Cowfoot Prince's homeland. He provides valuable insight into cultures a general tourist might never discover, awaking curiosity about the black continent. He surprises students (and teachers!) with the right answer to the question "which African country has the largest number of pyramids?"

Usifu uses a​ unique​ combination of traditional story, powerful drum music, song, dance and interaction with the audience that creates a very special atmosphere. ​Perhaps the best definition is from ​Ismael, a head teacher in Mexico​ who said​: "we ​were left with a feeling of well-being". It really is a feeling of well being that envelops you and takes you to another place entirely!

His personal story of how he ​fell in love with storytelling is a really inspiring example for anyone who ever felt torn between the expectations of others and their own inner priorities for themselves. A story about using your gifts to fulfil your dreams. He is a role-model for me and a joy to work with.

​Alberto Alexander

Dream On Productions​

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